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Baseball Cookies Basketball Cookies Baseball Jersey Cookies
Baseball Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Sale Price: $3.99
Basketball Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Baseball Jersey Cookies
Price each: $3.99
The Boston Globe calls our baseball cookies, "The perfect pick me up for your favorite fan!"  We couldn't agree more!  So order some baseball party favors and play ball with the best cookies around! As a Boston area cookie company, of course we cheer for the Celtics.  But our basketball cookies fit in on any court!  Pick some up for your next party, and they're guaranteed to be a slam dunk! Baseball jersey cookies make great post game party favors for your kids little league teams!  Fancypants Bakery's all butter shortbread is the perfect energy boost for everyone from T ballers to major leaguers!
Bowling PinCookies Football Cookies Football Helmet Cookies
Bowling Pin Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Football Cookies
Regular Price: $3.99
Football Helmet Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Make a bowling party a STRIKE with bowling pin party favors!   These bowling pin cookies are the perfect goodie bag filler for bowling birthday parties -  everyone will love to take a cookie home! Made with 100% natural food dyes and ingredients!  Touchdown!!  Football cookies taste delicious at tailgate parties and big-screen gatherings!  Or, bring football cookies to all of the team players for playing a great game! Made with 100% natural food dyes and ingredients! Football helmet cookies make great snacks for big game events.  Whether the game is for a youth team, a high school rivalry or the Superbowl, we'll match the cookie colors to your favorite team!
Soccer Ball Cookies Baseball Cap Cookies Baseball Glove Cookies
Baseball Cap Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Baseball Glove Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Every soccer player will get a kick out these soccer ball cookies!  Celebrate team spirit at the end of the season with a delicious decorated soccer ball cookie for every player! Looking for a great dessert for your baseball themed party?  Decorated baseball cap cookies will be a hit!  Customize the cookies with your favorite team colors and hand one out to every team player! Baseball Glove cookies are a stand out in the cookie line up!  Decorated cookies are great at season end parties and baseball themed birthdays.
Baseball Glove Cookies Basketball Jersey Cookies Boston Monster Cookies
Baseball Bat Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Basketball Jersey Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Boston Monster Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Baseball bat cookies are a home run at baseball parties and sumer time corporate outings!  Give every fan a bat cookie to munch on during the 7th inning stretch! Have basketball playoff fever?  Basketball Jersey cookies are the cure!  Celebrate your team and watch the games with
these decorated basketball shirt cookies!  Just tell us your team's name and colors!
Boston loves baseball!  Fans of all ages love to snack and this green monster cookie adds to the fun!  Treat players and fans to this friendly monster cookie.
Golf Green Cookies Golf Bag Cookies Football Jersey Cookies
Golf Green Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Golf Bag Cookies
Price each: $3.99
Football Jersey Cookies
Price each: $3.99
A tee-rific party favor for the golf fanatic!  Golf lovers are always thinking green and now they can have their own golf green cookie! Your party favors in the bag with this adorable cookie design!  Our decorated golf bag cookies are perfect for parties on the links! Football jersey cookies make great post game party favors for kids league teams!  Fancypants Baking Co.'s 100% natural, nut free cookies are the perfect energy boost for everyone from Pop Warner to the major leaguers!