Countdown to Christmas with…an RD!

December 18, 2015

Countdown to Christmas with…an RD!

Eat Laugh Drink Guest Blog

The more you get to know us, the more you’ll see how much we LOVE to collaborate with other businesses.  Today, I’m excited that Sara Oberle has agreed to write a guest blog.  Sara is a registered dietitian (and yes, RD’s DO eat cookies) and a gorgeous food photographer. (You’ve got to check out her pics on Instagram; and read her blog Eat.Laugh.Drink)  And then, read on for her thoughts about Christmas, cookies and healthy snacking!


Writing and Photography by guest blogger Sara Oberle, RDN, LDN



Christmas time = cookie time, and what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than by getting your Fancypants on and enjoying some delicious and all-natural cookies. I am a huge believer in “every thing in moderation”, especially when that everything is made with real ingredients and only 50 calories.  As a Dietitian, Nutritionist and whole foods advocate, I always make sure to know what I’m putting in my body, and making sure it’s loving me just as much as I love it.

When it comes to cookies, it’s hard to find a delicious cookie that tastes homemade (like mom makes), isn’t filled with artificial BS and doesn’t make me feel guilty after eating it. With only 50 calories in each normal crunch cookie, having just one is not possible, and each bite is 100% RD approved. Plus I am totally in love with the yummy holiday flavors like Eggnog and Chocolate Peppermint. The Chocolate Peppermint tastes like a better, and healthier, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie (yes I just made that statement), and the eggnog tastes like a legit cloud of buttery deliciousness (but without the waist-altering effects of butter). They’re so amazing that I’m actually trying to save some for when I have family visit for the holidays. Not because I want to share, but because I shared in the past and now I can never get away with keeping them all to myself.

Hands down, Fancypants cookies are one of my favorite all-time sweet treats that I can never get enough of. I always recommend them to parents who have children with nut allergies as well as anyone who is looking for handmade and guilt-free sweets. I’m also loving that I can now find them in more and more stores, and people are starting to get on the fancypants bandwagon. They may even be something you might want to consider sharing with Santa. After all, cookies are kind of his weakness.

Cheers All and Happy Holidays!

Sara Oberle, RDN, LD