Crunch cookies now at Mollie Stone’s Markets

March 20, 2016

Crunch cookies now at Mollie Stone’s Markets

Mollie Stone's Markets

We’re so excited!  Our 4 flavors of Crunch cookies are now carried in the award-winning Mollie Stone’s Markets in Northern California.  9 more stores! (click on their web link to see exact locations).  If you live in the San Francisco or are visiting, there are 2 locations  in the city.  The others are scatter about the Bay Area. Take a look at their gorgeous selection of organic and locally grown produce!

The stores are known for carrying great products in all departments; and the entire chain has a reputation in the specialty and natural food world as being industry leaders for their forward-thinking practices.  They’ve been in business almost 20 years and have longstanding partnerships with suppliers who are big AND small.  I love that!  When I want stock up on a household favorite like Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese, and I want to grab some locally-crafted IPAs, I love being able to grab it all in one place.

That’s the kind of market that Mollie Stone’s is and the reason that their motto is “The best of both worlds.”  So simple!  And, I can’t wait to hear from parents who shop at the San Mateo, CA store.  That store is famous for “Mollieland,” an in-store, supervised play area for kids ages 2+ to enjoy while the grown-ups shop. #winwin

We haven’t locked down dates yet, but  we’re going to be sampling the Crunch cookies at the stores, too!  We should probably serve milk, too.   Stay tuned for exact dates. We definitely want everyone to come by to taste and say hello!  Until then, keep snapping pics of our cookies and tagging us on Instagram and Twitter at @fancypantsbaker).  We love seeing our cookies all over the USA!