Fancypants: decorated cookies and flavor artisans

October 09, 2015

Fancypants: decorated cookies and flavor artisans

One of the best parts about working for a cookie company is the endless stream of treats that magically seem to appear on my desk every morning. Second to that is being surrounded by cookie artisans like Justin and Maura who have painstakingly developed all of their cookie lines. Each flavor and variety has been carefully tweaked to provide our customers with a perfectly balanced cookie jam packed with seasonings, flavors, and simple clean ingredients. We are constantly doing research and development here at Fancypants in search for another perfect seasonal flavor.

Over the years we have developed 15 different seasonal flavors for our Crunch Cookie line which can be found in the bakery departments of Whole Foods Markets throughout the United States. Seasonal flavors include peppermint chocolate, eggnog, vanilla rose, spiced chocolate, Irish cream, lemon ginger, orange burst, s’mores, gingersnap, chocolate chip, vanilla sugar, brown sugar oatmeal, double chocolate, and my two favorites — apple cider and pumpkin spice chocolate chip. These two are my favorite because they just so happen to correspond to my favorite season. FALL! The leaves are turning beautiful colors, corn mazes are causing mass confusion, bonfires are ablaze with their therapeutic scent, long quiet hikes, camp grounds filled with laughter,  and most importantly, I get to eat some of my favorite foods like turkey, corn, squash and our very own Crunch cookies.

Frank…ly he ain’t too scary

Not only have these cookies made it close to the top of my fall favorites list because of their flavors, but also because I never feel guilty about eating them.  The quality of ingredients and care that goes into baking them is far above any other cookie out there. Fancypants bakes with King Arthur Flour, cage free eggs, and real butter; and then mixes in things like pumpkin puree, apple cider  to make ookies for all ages.

What does a ghost wear when its raining? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS

Not only can you find our seasonal cookies on the shelves in most bakery departments, but you can also find our hand-decorated seasonal cookies in stores, too. These cookies are baked with the same clean ingredients and decorated with fruit and vegetable dyed icing (perfect for the kids, no red dye 6 or any of that artificial stuff). So next time you are in Whole Foods look for our seasonal Crunch Cookies AND our adorable decorated cookies. Be the hero mom, dad, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, cousin and bring these home or to a party.