New distribution for Crunch cookies

March 22, 2017

New distribution for Crunch cookies

Hey everyone! I’m excited to update you with lots of new store locations where you can find our Crunch cookies.  We’re rapidly expanding our cookie distribution and we want to be sure to share the fun news.

New Distribution 1

First up, Fairway Markets in NYC. Fairway has 14 stores, many of them in the Manhattan area of NYC.  These stores are some of the busiest markets in the state, with over 14 million visitors per year!  Judging from their orders, their customers looooove our cookies.  Also in New York are Berry Fresh Farm and Fresh Meadow Naturals, 2 independent markets.  We got our start working with family-owned markets like these and love the care and attention that they give to their customers and to small companies like ours.  Lee’s Market in Westport, MA also added our cookies to their lineup.

This natural and organic store gets super-busy during the summer months;  we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing bags of cookies in people’s beach bags this year.  Kings Supermarkets is the next group of stores we’ve added to our list.  These upscale markets, all located in New Jersey, are known for bringing in products they know their foodie customers will love. We’re so proud to be on their shelves! Closer to home are Big Y Supermarkets.  With around 70 stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut, we’re lucky that we can pop in to a Big Y any day of the week.  If you live near one, definitely stop in on May 13th.  We’re pairing up with Ciao Bella Gelato and we’ll be giving away samples of our cookies and their gelato.  YUM. (Summer really can’t come quickly enough.)

new distribution 2

Hopping on a plane? Find our cookies at Paradies airport stores! Last, but definitely not least, if you’re a member of BJ’s Wholesale Club, you need to run straight to their bakery departments.  Every club store from Maine to Florida now carries 2 exclusive containers of our Crunch cookies.  Giant containers of classic chocolate chip (30 cookies) and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (26 cookies) – yum!  Aaaaaand, each container is priced at only $5.89.  AMAZING. So, whether you need to stock the pantry for the week, are looking for a nut free cookie for a school event or party, or want to make stacks and stacks of ice cream cookie sandwiches, definitely make a grab for these.

That’s it for this month.  Be sure to take a pic and tag #fancypantsbaker when you find them near you!!