The Power of the People

July 14, 2016

The Power of the People

Word-of-mouth marketing can be extremely beneficial for small companies. For Fancypants Baking Co., much of our success can be attributed to positive reviews from our loyal customers. Whole Foods Market and their employees have done a fantastic job spreading positive reviews about our cookies, and we were recently able to meet some of these employees and make personal connections with many of them at the Whole Foods All Access Event in Woburn, MA.

power of the people

During the 2016 Whole Foods All Access Event, suppliers in all departments of the market provide samples of their products to the hard working employees. During my two days at the event, I met countless friendly people from all areas of Whole Foods. It was great to hear all of the amazing things that everyone had to say about our cookies. Cashiers continuously told me how often they recommend our product to customers, while bakers and grocers explained that they loved seeing our cookies in their stores. It was great being able to see first hand how much of an influence the opinions of Whole Foods employees can have on the success of our product in their stores. I learned that by making sure that we provide a great product and experience to the employees, we benefit from their positive recommendations to customers, friends and family, too.

I was extremely impressed by the All Access Event. As a recently hired brand ambassador for Fancypants, this was a side of Whole Foods that I was not familiar with. All of the suppliers I met were great, and I loved having the opportunity to try their products, and more importantly, have them sample our cookies. Word-of-mouth marketing will increase even more due to the relationships we made with these new companies. I loved being a part of this event, and by building these relationships with employees, customers, and fellow suppliers, I know even more people will enjoy our cookies!