Decorated Cookies

Nature provides the colors. We do the decorating.

Nature Provides Vibrant, Healthy Colors

We believe that simplicity is the key to great cookies, which is why we only use fruits and vegetables to make our colors. We mix beets to make our reds, eggplant for the blues and purples, and turmeric for the oranges. You will never find any artificial colors in anything we make!

Handcrafted Works of Art

Food made with love is always more delicious. Our five day cookie making process starts off with our hand-bent cookie cutters. We make each cookie cutter in-house, and they are used to cut out each cookie by hand (laborsome, we know! but like we said, when it’s done with love it’s so much better). Once baked, our cookies head over to our team of talented decorators to begin the decorating process. Three days later you have a beautiful, delicious cookie all done by hand.

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More information...

  • We make our own cookie cutters; over 1200 unique designs!
  • Peanut & tree nut free. Learn More
  • Made with cage-free eggs.
  • ONLY fruit and veggie dyed icing. No artificial colors, EVER.
  • Every cookie is made by hand. No automation here!
  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher Certified (KVH)
  • nonGMO Project Certified

Organic, Nut-Free, nonGMO, Kosher Cookies

Sustainability Pledge

We bake with fresh ingredients including organic eggs and butter and form partnerships with local suppliers because the environment and sustainability matter. Every day we are working to improve efficiency, decrease waste, and source better ingredients. Join us on our quest for better cookies and pick some up today!

Decorated Nut Free Cookies