About Us

Hello! We're Fancypants Baking Co. It’s our mission to make consistently delicious natural, non-GMO, nut free & allergy friendly cookies.  With a history of hand-crafted products, we’re dedicated to customer happiness, absolute quality, and healthier foods that always taste great!

How We Got Here

From an apartment kitchen to a state of the art manufacturing facility, we’ve come a long way in 15 years and can't wait to see what the future holds.

A small, cramped Boston apartment: Where it all began!

After graduating from Harvard with a master’s degree in Neuroscience and Education she quickly realized that statistical analysis was definitely not for her. While trying to figure out what her next move was she started to bake – and was hooked. Justin at the time was a elementary school teacher, but was also a foodie at heart and couldn’t resist joining the team.

USA themed cookies

In 2005, we received our largest order to date for the July Democratic National Convention. Justin and Maura worked non-stop for 3 days with no sleep to keep their little oven running 24/7 because they could only bake 18 cookies at a time. After this order was fulfilled it was clear that they were outgrowing the space. So in October Fancypants moved into a 1,000 square foot commercial kitchen in Walpole, MA.

Products at Whole Foods
Our Big Break

We began working with Whole Foods Market and expanded beyond the Northeastern region for the first time; we also bought our first commercial rack oven!

crispy and crunchy cookies
Cripsy & Crunch (and New!)

We launched our crispy cookie line, now one of our most popular lines offered in nearly 20 seasonally inspired flavors!

moving into new space in 2014
Moving on Up

We moved into our 20,000 square foot facility which included a bevy of new equipment like a dough press, sheeter, and additional commercial ovens.

40 under 40 feature
Award Winning Cookies— Now in Bulk!

Things really took off in 2017! We were lucky enough to be the recipients of some awesome awards, including a Griffin Report 40 Under 40 nod for Maura, and features in a number of publications such as the Boston Globe Foodie Section, Walpole Times, Baking News, Project Nosh, and Whole Foods Market magazine. This year, we also expanded our crispy & crunchy cookie offerings into Costco.

Fancypants team
Talk About Team Building

In 2019, we employed 90 people during our peak season!

packing cookies
Millions of Cookies!

We now bake millions of cookies per year, but still decorate each on by hand. We are so proud that our growth has allowed us to further our mission of sustainability; this year, we initiated partnerships with 1% for the Planet and launched new waste-reduction initiatives and upcycled products. The future if bright... and filled with cookies!

Simple Ingredients, Delicious Cookies

We’ve always believed in the basic principle that simplicity is the key to making great cookies, which includes mindfully sourcing clean label ingredients. We also believe that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy delicious cookies, so our cookies are always peanut and tree nut free and school safe. And we offer cookies for vegan and keto lifestyles. Last, but NEVER least, we take sustainability seriously; we aim to reduce our impact through our efforts to reduce food waste, use upcycled ingredients, and source recycleable packaging.